In the past year, we’ve all been under quite a bit of stress. We’ve also found ourselves stuck at home, indoors, working from a desk with a computer.

We’ve all experienced muscle fatigue at one point or another. It could be from online schooling help for our kids, sitting at a computer and not moving much, or that new workout routine we took up during our boredom.

As an answer to these new aches and pains, a new solution has come onto the scene: the massage gun. 

Along with this newer technology have come quite a few new competitors. Among them are two giants: the TimTam and the Theragun.

But what do they claim to do? And what do they actually do?

Let’s figure it out and help you decide which massage gun is the best.

What They Both Do

Let’s get into the basics of the massage gun. 

Massage guns are a fairly new technology that used to be exclusively for professional athletes needing faster muscle recovery

They use something called percussion therapy. This means that a rubber mallet punches repeatedly deep into the muscle tissue to release muscle fibers. 

It also increases circulation and breaks up any buildup of lactic acid that may be present from working out or regular daily use. This is why it’s so popular among athletes that need their muscles to heal and get relief fast.

But with new discoveries, this cutting-edge technology isn’t just for elite athletes. They can be used from the comfort of your own home to provide relief for your muscles.

Here’s a complete guide to answering the question once and for all: which massage gun is the best one?


First, let’s look into TimTam. Note that both brands offer a few different massagers.

For the sake of this comparison, we’re going to use the Power Massager Pro model, which is the best one they have to offer.


So what does the TimTam Power Massager Pro have to offer users?

Here are the specs.

  • Made with anti-bacterial plastics
  • Threaded shaft for durability
  • Adjustable head that can move up to 90 degrees
  • 30 mm stroke length
  • Replaceable head with different size options
  • Small and lightweight at 4.2 lbs
  • Cordless
  • Includes carrying case

When you receive your TimTam Massager, it will come with the travel bag, an international charger, and a removable Li-Ion battery. It also comes with a heated tip, an 85 shore round tip, and an automatic vibrating tip.


As stated before, the TimTam Power Massager Pro is a compact device and weighs only 4.2 lbs. It’s durable and ergonomic for easy use anywhere on the body. Many also like the interchangeable tips that it comes with. 


Aside from the Power Massager Pro, TimTam offers a few other models:

  • The All New Power Massager
  • The Pocket Power Massager
  • The TimTam Pulse Massager
  • The Polish Pro
  • The Push Pro
  • Package deals of all of the above options

Only the first two of these are massage guns.


Here are the highlights and best qualities of the TimTam Power Massager Pro

  • Quiet
  • Cord-free
  • Lightweight
  • One-touch trigger mechanism
  • Swivel head


Now, let’s go over the Theragun. Theragun is the first-of-its-kind handheld massage gun, coming out with the original version over a decade ago.

This gives them the advantage of innovation and experience.

Again, Theragun has many options, just like TimTam. For the sake of this comparison, we will be using the Theragun Pro.


Since they have over a decade of experience in the industry, Theragun has some unique features that its competitors don’t, and this one is their 4th generation device.

Here are some features that customers rave about.

  • 4 angle adjustable arm
  • 6 different attachments
  • 16 mm stroke length (better for those who have never used a massage gun)
  • Travel case
  • Bluetooth and an app
  • Up to 3400 RPM
  • Offers 2 settings
  • 60 lbs stall force


What does this magical machine look like? Well, for starters, the handle is ergonomic and easy to use on your whole body. It comes with 6 different head attachments including ones for larger muscle groups, a cone attachment, a thumb attachment, and a wedge attachment.

It has a more attractive and sleeker design compared to the TimTam Power Massager Pro.


Since they’ve been making massage guns longer than any of their competition, Theragun can offer many different options for your needs.

Here are just a few:

  • Theragun Elite
  • Theragun Prime
  • Theragun Mini
  • 24K Gold Pro
  • Theragun Mini
  • Duo Adapter Set (for twice the treatment)
  • Wireless Charging Stands


The Theragun Pro has had time to work out some kinks that the TimTam hasn’t yet. These include:

  • Longer battery life
  • More speed and options
  • More head attachments for targeted therapy
  • Bluetooth and app
  • Industrial grade (superior quality)

The Comparison

So we’ve gone over all of the specifics of the two options here, but let’s do a side-by-side comparison to find out which massage gun is the best.

Customer Service

This is one of those things that you may underestimate the importance of. But if you need help with your massage gun or if something should go wrong, you’re going to want to make sure you’re able to get good customer service.

Here’s how these two companies compare on that front.

  • Theragun– Therabody, the company behind Theragun, is known for having great customer service that’s easy to reach. Customer reviews rave about how easy it was to get in contact and get any questions answered.
  • TimTam– Unfortunately, TimTam cannot say the same for their customer service. Reviewers say that TimTam’s customer support is all but nonexistent and the overall business practices of the company are questionable.

In that respect, Theragun is the clear winner. If you need help with your product, you will easily be able to contact someone quickly.

Professional Endorsements

We often look to our favorite athletes and celebrities as trusted sources for information. Theragun boasts endorsements from the esteemed Esquire magazine, as well as multiple professional athletes and trainers.

They are the official sponsor of Real Madrid and have athletes basketball star Paul George, tennis athlete Maria Sharapova, and golfer Collin Morikawa.

TimTam has an endorsement from podcast personality Joe Rogan.

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, there’s really no competition.

TimTam lasts only 30 minutes on a full charge.

Competitor Theragun, on the other hand, lasts up to 75 minutes on a single charge. Plus, it comes with an extra battery that can be charged and swapped out when you need to.


When we’re comparing which device has been on the market the longest, the clear winner is Theragun. It’s the one that has been through multiple different iterations and the technology behind it has been perfected by the first company to come out with a massage gun.

The Best Massage Gun

If you’re looking for the best massage gun money can buy, go with the name that invented the game.

Theragun offers the best massage guns on the market today.