You know that runner’s high you get from literally going the extra mile. It’s amazing. You feel like you’re on top of the world.

But you know what else you feel right after a tough workout? Sore. 

We all know that running is great for your health, but it comes with its own drawbacks.

If you’re a runner, you know all too well that soreness is just part of the deal. Sometimes it starts when you’re running. Sometimes it lasts for days afterward.

Runners all have 1 thing in common: they get sore.

Luckily, there are a few new technologies out there to help runners recover faster than ever.

What Runners Need

Before we dive into which massage guns are best for runners, we need to look at it from your perspective as a runner. What do you need to help you recover?

Rest and Recovery

As a runner, the most important thing in your journey happens when you’re not running.

Resting and making sure you do the things your body needs to feel better are just as important as how fast and how long you run.

Recovery should include things like hydrating, eating, stretching and, you guessed it, massage.

That’s where a massage gun can make things easier. It provides targeted, deep massage to increase circulation and help muscles heal faster.

Not all massage guns are built the same, though. We need to figure out what to look for in a good massage gun just for runners.

What Makes the Best the Best

So what makes one massage gun the best? 

Though it seems pretty subjective, these are the key specifications that we need to compare to figure out which one is the best for the task at hand.


First up is speed. How fast the rubber mallet of the massage gun moves makes a difference in how much it can stimulate the muscle and blood flow.

Faster isn’t always better, though. If you’re new to the massage gun world, you want to find one that gives you a few options.


When we talk about intensity in massage guns, we’re talking about how deep into the muscle the rubber mallet goes. Force also plays a role in this.

Power is something to look for if you’re a runner that enjoys the intensity of deep tissue massage. Again, this isn’t for everyone, so make sure to get the one that you feel is right for you.


When you think of a massage gun, it’s easy to just think about one large rubber mallet. Some massage guns, however, come with different attachments for the head of the gun.

These are great if you want to target more specific muscles.

Battery Life

After coming home from a long run, the last thing you want to do is reach for your massage gun only to have it die on you. 

Though you probably won’t use your massage gun for more than a few minutes, the longer you can go before worrying about plugging in, the better.


This is sort of a catch-all group for any special extras offered by certain massage guns. They’re just fun tech perks that make the experience more fun or easy.

1. Theragun Pro

As the trailblazers that brought the massage gun to the masses, Theragun has been doing this for over a decade. They know what they’re doing.

The standout here is the Theragun Pro. This industrial-grade, quality massage gun has some amazing qualities to offer.


This machine offers a variety of different speeds for everyone. You can choose between one of the 5 pre-set speeds (1750, 1900, 2100, 2200, and 2400).

What makes this one unique is that you can also select any speed between 1750 and 2400 for ultimate customizability. 


As for force, this one really packs a punch.

The intensity goes up to 60 lbs of force. This can also be customized for days that you don’t need that much impact.

It also reaches 16mm into your muscle tissue for a deep massage.


If you’re looking for different types of stimulation, you won’t find more variety than with the Theragun Pro.

This machine comes with six different attachments, ranging from the traditional mallet to a wedge and even a cone attachment. This ensures targeted massage therapy where you need it most.

Battery Life

Theragun Pro comes with 2 different swappable batteries and a total of 5 hours of battery life.


The coolest thing about Theragun Pro (aside from, you know, everything else) is that it comes with Bluetooth and a compatible app.

This allows you to connect your massage gun to your phone and control settings from there.

2. Theragun Prime

If you’re looking for a slightly more simplified massage gun than the Pro, try going for Theragun’s Prime version of the massager.

It offers a similar recovery for runners with fewer bells and whistles.


This simpler version of Theragun’s massage gun offers all the pre-set speeds and customizable range between 1750-2400 percussions per minute.


Just like the Theragun Pro, the Prime offers a deep 16mm amplitude.

The difference here is the force. It goes up to 30 lbs, which some people find is plenty of force after a workout.


You don’t have to give up variety for this simplified version.

The Theragun Prime comes with four different sturdy foam attachments. These include a dampener, a standard ball attachment, and a cone and thumb attachment for trigger point targeting.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Prime comes in at an impressive two hours of use on a single charge.


As is standard with Therabody’s massage guns, the Prime is no exception.

You still get the luxury of adjusting speed and force right from your phone with the matching app.

3. Opove M3

If your biggest concern with your massage gun is volume, you may be interested in trying out the Opove M3 Pro Max.

It doesn’t offer quite as many customization options as the Theragun models, but it does have some relatively impressive stats.


As for speed, this machine goes up to 3,300 percussions per minute. This is a pretty intense speed for the average person.

As for settings, you have four set speed options to choose from. Not quite as customizable as Theragun’s massage guns.


Coming in a bit under the specs of the Theragun Pro, the Opove M3 offers 15 mm of amplitude and 50 lbs of force. 


When it comes to options, the Opove offers five separate attachments ranging from a dampener to a standard ball and more targeted attachments.

Battery Life

As for battery life, the battery will last up to four hours per charge.


The biggest claim to fame of this particular massage gun is how quietly it functions. Most people don’t find the sound of other guns to be a dealbreaker, though, as you only use it for a few minutes each time.

Get the Recovery You Deserve With a Quality Massage Gun

When you’re a runner, your body needs some extra help to recover from the exertion.

Invest in the best-quality massage gun. Your body will thank you.