From top athletes to those who enjoy a quick jog around the block, recovery is a vital part of exercising that cannot be ignored. When your diet is right and you are working out regularly, the last thing you can control is how you recover. With advanced is technology and research showing the benefits of massage treatment for recovery, the new wave of massage guns are more welcome than ever before. 

We want to highlight how a massage gun can help improve your general quality of life as well as offer some pointers as to what should be looked for in a great massage gun. Let’s start by first understanding what a massage gone is and does. 

What is a Massage Gun?

The fitness industry has always been looking for innovative ways to enhance recovery efforts so that people can recover faster and more efficiently. With massages already being popular for therapy, one brand decided to create a product that would revolutionize the industry.

Theragun and their percussion massage guns have sparked a new industry of handheld devices that target a specific muscle group to provide relief and recovery. The massage gun uses a targeted head to help muscles groups feel more comfortable and enhance their recovery after a hard workout. 

Once you see how you can use a massage gun effectively and the wide array of practical uses, you will better understand how the tool functions. 

Why Would I need a Massage Gun?

Improved Recovery 

One of the limitations of the human body is that it can take a while to recover after an injury or intense workout session. This means that anyone who exerts force through their body could be in some pain or discomfort while their body takes the time to fully recover. 

With a massage gun, your body gets a helping hand with the overall recovery process. By targeting sore muscles areas on your body, a massage gun helps to effectively wake up the cells and connective tissue so that they can perform the recovery process more effectively. 

Injury Prevention

The body can only take so much stress before it starts to break down and get injured. As many people are now heading back to the gyms, more people are getting injured as their bodies are not ready for old workloads. To prevent these injuries, the right massage gun can be your best friend. 

When you target areas that you exercise in the gym or through activities, you can use the pressure from the massage gun to help recover and prevent injuries. Muscle groups that are exposed to heavy loads are prone to injury that can be prevented if you use a massage gun to help the muscles better recover and grow to prevent injuries. 

Targeted Support

Unlike other therapy such as full-body massages or vibration therapy, modern massage guns use what is known as percussive technology to help the body. This technology relies on an incredibly localized approach to healing that allows you to target very specific areas that need some extra support during recovery. 

For example, let’s say you just completed a 5K. Your arms and back are likely doing just fine while your quads, hamstrings, and calves have been putting in some serious work. With a massage gun, you can hit every individual muscle that is sore to get relief where you need it most. 

This saves time compared to whole-body recovery techniques and is often much more affordable.

Release Built Up Tension

If you’re ready for a quick anatomy lesson, get ready. Surrounding our muscles are a layer of membranes known as myofascial connective tissue. This layer of tissue is a connective tissue that allows our many stands of muscle fibers to work together to help move our bodies. 

When the body is experiencing excessive strain or trauma, this connective tissue has the natural response of constricting and getting tighter. This can be caused by many things and you have probably experienced it if you pushed just a bit too hard in the gym. 

To help release this tension, you can use special attachments for massage guns that help to relax the muscle tissues to their natural state. With the jolt of power that these guns provide, the connective tissue relaxes. This is very similar to using alternative massage techniques, but the massage gun does it just that bit better.  

Less Aches and Pains 

While we have primarily focused on massage gun applications for the athlete and active person, the benefits of massage gun usage can be seen almost anywhere. If you work from home or at the office, you are likely used to sitting in a chair for hours on end. With even the most supportive chair on the market, your body will still suffer from aches and pains.

From staring at your computer screen to that slouch you just noticed you were sitting with, these small issues can cause some serious discomfort on the body. Many smaller and less intense massage gun offerings give you the relief your body craves after a long day at work and helps to relieve pain from your average workday.

<Improved Bodily Function

Alongside sleep and eating the right foods, a massage gun can be your best friend to helping your body feel better. Most people these days are more tense and uncomfortable than ever before with so much sitting down and general stress. Believe it or not, one of the best cures for a stressful life is a simple massage gun.

The rapid motions of the massage gun allow the body to feel naturally relaxed and less tense. This reduction in tension helps to let your inner bodily fluids flow better and allows blood vessels to operate more effectively. 

Despite the somewhat aggressive nature of some massage guns, your body will feel better than ever before when you are finished. 

What to Look for in a Massage Gun


The primary thing to look for in your massage gun of choice is power. The power any given massage gun offers will determine what kind of ways you can use it to help speed up your recovery. In general, you will want a unit that is able to operate with high power and speeds to get the most use out of it. 

With the best units on the market like those from Theragun giving you a variety of power levels, you can customize the power of the unit on the go. This means you can switch power from more to less intense when you are working on more sensitive areas. 

Battery Life

Battery life will determine how long you can use your massage gun in one sitting or over a period of time. The better the life of the battery, the less often you will need to worry about charging the unit and having it die on you.

In general, higher-end massage guns that we recommend are going to have a rechargeable battery system so you don’t need to keep spending money on batteries. Many units have batteries that can last over an hour with some units even having rechargeable battery packs you can switch in and out. 


Getting the perfect massage requires you to have the right tools for the job. While most of your body will be just fine with standard attachments for massage guns, having a few extra options is always nice. 

For example, Theragun provides users with several unique and exciting head options to try out. Their system means that every massage gun they offer can use any head they develop for specialized purposes. They have softer heads for the most sensitive areas with pointier heads for when you need to really target a specific area. 


The last thing you want to look for in a massage gun is longevity. While the last thing on your mind when buying a massage gun is how long it will last, it is something to consider. You can often gauge the longevity of a product by looking back on older models to see if they still hold up and work well. 

Companies will promote longevity with good warranties or upgraded parts that will work with older models as well. Construction quality and material choice also say a lot about how long accompany wants their product to last. Durable plastic on the outside and metal where it is needed provides a lightweight and durable package for many relaxing massage treatments. 


Massage guns have a wide array of features that allow them to help a wide array of people make life feel better. Whether you are hitting the gym every day or just enjoy a relaxing walk, a massage gun will find its way into the hearts of any person.

Now that you know what a massage gun can do and what you should look for when shopping, you can get a massage gun that will show you what real relaxation can look like. 

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