Massage guns seem to be all the rage these days in the world of sports and fitness. They provide quick, effective relief for muscle aches and pains. They are a great everyday, go-to recovery tool for most people. 

To achieve the type of relief that a massage gun offers, you would normally need to visit a Swedish masseuse. Receiving regular massages can quickly become expensive, so a massage gun is a great alternative for deep tissue massage. 

That being said, there is an endless amount of massage guns on the market. How do you know which one will provide the relief you need? Luckily, we have done the testing and reviewing for you, so you can make an informed decision on your purchase. Keep reading for general massage gun information and a detailed comparison of popular massage gun brands. 

What is a Massage Gun?

The massage gun is an effective muscle recovery tool used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. The massage guns perform “percussion” or “vibration therapy”. 

As the gun’s head oscillates backward and forwards, quick bursts of pressure are applied to the body’s muscles. Most massage guns feature a variety of different shaped attachments, allowing the device to target different body parts and muscle groups.

You would normally have to visit a licensed massage therapist to achieve this kind of deep tissue massage. These days, you can experience true relief from the comfort of your own home. The costs of a masseuse can add up quickly. If you are transitioning away from regular massages, a massage gun can pay for itself in just a few uses. 

Uses and Benefits

Massage guns are most commonly used as a recovery tool. After working out, a massage gun can be used to loosen up tight muscles and knotty areas in your body. 

The real magic happens when you find a “trigger point”, or especially tight area in your muscles. The massage gun can hover around this area to encourage faster recovery and relief from the soreness you may feel. You can also do a full body massage after a workout to help your muscles relax and come down from the heightened state they are in.

The massage gun can also be used as a warm-up tool, although this is less common. The percussive force of the gun heightens blood flow to the area and loosens the muscles. It is most safely used on the “belly” of the muscles, as opposed to joints or bones. 

Which Massage Gun is the Best?

If you are looking for the best of the best, the Theragun PRO will satisfy your needs. Theragun is the leader in the industry and features professional-grade durability and a two-year warranty. They even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can test it out if you still aren’t sure. 

If the Theragun PRO is a little out of your budget, there are a few other options that we will cover. These devices will not offer the same level of quality and durability, but they should provide adequate relief for most people’s ailments. 

Theragun PRO

As mentioned earlier, the Theragun PRO is one of the best massage guns that money can buy. The PRO features a commercial-grade brushless motor that is extremely quiet, thanks to the “QuietForce Technology”. They claim the device is as quiet as an electric toothbrush, which we agree on. You can hardly hear it on the other side of a closed door, which makes it perfect for personal, at-home use.

At maximum power, the massage gun delivers 60 lbs. of force with each of its strokes. This will be overkill for most users, so the five built-in speeds provide a range of different powers. The PRO also has a rotating head, allowing it to change angles to reach any part of the body. This also helps reduce stress on your hands, wrists, and arms while they are supporting the high powered massage gun. 

The Theragun can be controlled by a Bluetooth enabled device, allowing infinite customization to the speed. The app also allows you to save preset routines. When you find a combination of speed, time, and force that works for you, the app will remember it and will tailor your next experience accordingly. 

The Theragun PRO claims to reach 60% deeper into the user’s muscles than the average massage gun. The difference is definitely there – if you aren’t receiving enough relief from other devices, the PRO will certainly deliver the power you need. At 40 beats per second, the therapeutic benefits are delivered faster than other devices. 

Cleanliness is definitely a top priority, especially in this time of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Five out of six of the attachments are crafted from non-porous closed-cell foam, meaning they can be easily cleaned with a sanitizer or other cleaning solution. 

If you are looking for a device that can be shared with family members or friends, the Theragun fits the bill.

The five-hour battery life ensures that you will never lose power in the middle of a session. The long battery life combined with the travel case makes this an excellent option for portable muscle relief. The device is large enough to provide powerful, knot-breaking power while being small enough to carry in a purse or bag.

A live percussive therapy digital course, taught by Theragun Master Trainers, is included with the purchase of the PRO. This ensures that you won’t misuse the product and injure yourself even further! Custom engraving is offered by Theragun which would make for an excellent gift for any fitness guru.

Hypervolt Plus by Hyperice

The Hypervolt claims to be the “most powerful percussion massage device in the world”. Yet, it offers only 57 lbs. of pressure, compared to Theargun PRO’s 60 lbs. While most users would never know the difference, false claims like this are definitely disconcerting. However, the Hypervolt does have a reputation as a quality Theragun alternative for those who can’t afford the real thing. 

Many of the features and accessories are similar to the Theragun. Five different head attachments are included to target different areas of the body. There are three-speed settings from around 1,800 RPM to 3,000 RPM. The device features a brushless high-torque 90-watt motor. 

The Hypervolt features three hours of battery life, which is about 60% of the Theragun PRO’s capacity. This will be sufficient for most normal use, but you will find yourself needing to charge it more often. 

Power Plate Pulse

Power Plate is a pioneer in the vibration healing industry, originally focusing on whole-body vibration technology. Recently, they have ventured into the world of massage guns and produced a cheaper alternative to the Theragun PRO, called the Power Plate Pulse. 

Similar to the other two massage guns on our list, the Pulse includes six different head attachments. These can be used to target a variety of different body parts and muscles. We thought the noise level was about the same as the Hypervolt and Theragun, as they all employ brushless motors that are not much louder than a whisper. 

The Pulse features four different levels of vibration, ranging from 1,300 RPM to 3,300 RPM. At only 50 lbs. of maximum force, the Pulse is technically the weakest gun on our list. This would only be a problem for the worst aches and pains, as the average user only applies around 10 lbs. of pressure for a basic recovery regimen.  

With only two hours of battery life, you may run the risk of going dead while in the middle of a session. However, the device can be used while charging, so you will never be fully without the relief you need. 

We would only recommend the Power Plate Pulse to those who really can’t afford the much higher quality Theragun PRO, as you are missing out on a lot of features with the Pulse. Less power, no Bluetooth connectivity, and much less battery time are all negative features of the Pulse. However, it is still a much better option than many of the poorly built options on the market today. 


A massage gun makes an excellent go-to recovery tool for everyday muscle relief. Whether you are a professional athlete or spend your weekends at the gym, you will find soothing aid from the massage gun. 

The Theragun PRO is definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to massage guns. The battery life, warranty, and build quality just cannot be matched by copycats. They are one of the original manufacturers of massage guns and have been doing it right since day one. 

Here at, we know it can be difficult to find trustworthy and reliable information about personal massage devices. That’s why we have tested, tried, and reviewed the best of the best in at-home massage gun therapy – so you don’t have to. If you need further help on identifying a quality massage gun, check out our guide


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