When many people consider a relaxing day, the first thing that comes to mind is heading to the spa for a nice massage. While this seems like a nice idea, the reality is that a massage can cost a few hundred dollars for just one session and leave you sore the next week. 

However, the idea behind massages and their many benefits have taken a more modern form in recent years. Specifically, the creation of the percussion massage gun has allowed many people to experience enhanced recovery and decreased soreness with just a few at-home treatments. As we will see, the percussive massage gun can be something anyone can appreciate. 

We want to look at the percussive massage gun and see what makes the best one’s tick. After diving into what a percussive massage gun is and what makes one “ultimate,’ we will explore who really makes the best one. 

What is a Percussion Massage Gun?

Everyone loves to sit in those massage chairs at the mall or airport as they give us a little break and relaxation from our hectic lives. In many ways, this philosophy applies to the more advanced and focused methods employed by various percussive massage guns. It seems that the name massage gun highlights both the design and intended harsh nature of these tools for recovery.

A percussion massage gun uses a single point of contact head to apply force repeatedly and rapidly to a specific area of the body. These guns operate at speeds in the thousands of pulsations per minute. The way this works to massage you is by breaking up the tissue in your muscles so that it can recover faster and repair more efficiently. As an added bonus, the targeted design of these massage tools is going to be great for sore spot relief. 

Is a Percussion Massage Gun rights For Me?

Many people see the latest and greatest massage guns and think there is no way they would need one in their life. Surprisingly enough, just about anyone can find at least one area of their life that would be improved with a percussive massage gun. We live in some crazy times right now, and a massage can be a great way to wind down. 

For the athlete who virtually lives at the gym, a percussion massage gun is an essential component of muscle fiber recovery and bodily function. These guns help athletes of all levels recover faster and reduce pain that can stop them from performing at the highest level. 

The cross-fit enthusiast or avid runner who likes to get out and active will find a massage gun helps them rest better when not out exercising. One of the foundational pillars of healthy exercise is recovery, and a massage gun helps your body speed up the recovery process even faster. 

No longer will you have to miss out on classes or feel sore after a great run with a percussion massage integrated into your routine. 

Even for the person who isn’t exercising regularly, a percussion massage gun could still be a great tool to pick up. For example, how many times has your back or neck hurt after a long day at the office? 

We realize that many people feel aches and pains from an average workday that can be reduced with the right treatment. In many cases, a few minutes of massage gun therapy at home or in the office give you that boost of energy needed to deliver work projects on time. 

What Makes a Massage Gun “Ultimate” In Our Eyes

Power Options

When identifying what makes a great massage gun, one of the first areas people look to is power. The gun determines how well it will be able to breakdown tissues so that it can come back stronger and more effective. Power is what makes a great massage gun stand out from the weaker competition.

One thing that any formidable percussive massage gun needs to have is an adjustable power level. When you are getting a high-quality product, you deserve only the best features. This means you need to have power options that allow you to increase or decrease power for more sensitive areas. For many advanced units, applying more or less force with your hands can help the gun deliver the perfect amount of power. 


Alongside power, we have the quality of speed. Speed relates to how fast a percussion massage gun is moving its head. This number is usually clearly displayed by the gun manufacturers in either RPM or PPM. These numbers refer to how many times the head moves and applies pressure to the body in a given minute.

For example, some massage guns will have a range of speeds that start at around 1,000 RPM and go all the way up to nearly 3,000 RPM. Speed is often a personal preference, so the best massage guns will have a range of speeds for the user to choose from. 

Quality Construction

Just like nearly any other premium product, you expect a machine that is built to last and with the best materials possible. You also need to consider weight when buying a percussive massage gun as you want something with enough weight to feel sturdy without entering into the territory of being bulky. 

Many premium massage guns will use a combination of durable plastics and metals to construct their guns. Most exteriors will be made with plastic to resist wear and tear with metal components being used in vital motor areas to keep the tool running for many years. 

A Good Battery

Battery performance is something most people only care about with their phones until they realize how often they want to use their new massage gun. A good battery will be essential because it determines how often you need to charge between uses and how powerful your percussion gun can operate. 

Why a good battery is so important is because the last thing you want when massaging yourself is to need to plug in your massage gun. A good battery will help keep your gun charged when not in use and give you all the massage time you could ever need. 

Low Noise Levels

One thing that highlights the differences between a massage gun and massage therapy is the noise. Many people associate a massage with relaxation and calmness only to realize that cheaper and less effective massage guns sound like a jackhammer at a construction site. 

Poorly designed and low-quality motors create excessive noise and are something to be avoided. The best motors will be found in great percussive massage guns and will be much quieter. 

Ultimate massage guns will produce a softer noise that will allow you to focus on the immense relief your muscles are getting. 


The last thing that makes a percussion massage gun “ultimate” to us is the ability to personalize and adapt the gun to your needs. You want a massage gun that allows you to set it up your way so that you can get the relief you need in the way you need it. 

The best massage guns will have a way for you to replace or switch out the heads that actually contact your body. This will allow you to use certain heads on specific parts of your body that either need more direct pressure or are more sensitive. 

Who Makes The Best Percussion Massage Gun?

Defining what makes a massage gun stand out for us hopefully helped you understand how many criteria we consider when trying to find the best percussion massage gun on the market. With an idea for what makes a massage gun great, we want to highlight a few brands that we feel really offer a product that lives up to all of those previous criteria.

Starting with the undeniable king of the industry, we have Theragun. What was once a niche and rather a small brand has grown into a massage gun empire that continues to push the industry forward. Their motor technology is incredible and their iconic design is instantly recognizable. 

This company releases new and improved products almost every year with their current crop of percussion massage guns being quitter, more advanced, and more attainable than ever before. 

Other than Theragun, there are also companies like Hypervolt and TimTam who were inspired by many of the ideas Theragun introduced. These two smaller brands have unique offerings that give the user a good experience without some of the more advanced features found on the Theragun.  


Finding the ultimate massage gun is not easy, but we are confident it is out there. Looking at the criteria most important to us and seeing who can use a percussion massage gun, it seems Theragun has an option for every buyer. 

They have small and portable units for the office and professional equipment when you need ultimate performance so that anyone can enjoy the Theragun experience. 


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