As we are all well aware, sore muscles can be, quite literally, a major pain in the neck. We’ve all been down that road before, whether from straining too hard trying to lift something a bit too heavy or simply from sleeping on the wrong side of the bed. 

In times like these, when the aches come and refuse to give up, you will always wish that you had some sort of a way to massage it all away and reduce the near excruciating soreness. Thanks to the technology behind percussion massage guns, you can have a much needed, relieving deep tissue massage almost anywhere and anytime you need.

Power massagers are a relatively new piece of technology in the arsenal in the war on aches and pains. It is a war that most living humans have fought a time or two themselves throughout their lives, a problem that seems to get worse with age. As technology on the broader scale has continued its exponential growth and advancement, so has the technology in self-provided relief from these vicious and painful attacks. 

Beginning with larger, not so easily mobile devices, the usefulness of personal massaging devices eventually gave birth to a demand for handheld percussion power massage guns. A demand that companies have successfully filled with many different varieties of personal massage guns.

These devices use repeated thrusts of usually interchangeable, but sometimes fixed and nondetachable, massaging tips to massage deep into the tissue and help relieve inflammation, remove acids that build up in the muscle during strenuous activity, and help to improve the overall circulation of blood and much-needed oxygen through muscles after strenuous use. Whether that use is from running, bicycling, or your normal day-to-day workout routine, a massage gun can provide the soothing relief you crave when the muscles start to tighten up and you feel the soreness coming on.

However, as with many different types of products, there are many widely varying manufacturers and companies selling different brands and styles of personal portable percussion massage guns. 

They can be made from a wide range of different materials, from plastics to aircraft-grade metals, and therefore some will have a much longer lifespan and greater effectiveness than others. Also meaning that there is a major difference in the range of costs of the different handheld massager guns and variable massaging tips and options they may have. 

So, let’s have a look at two of the more popular percussion massage guns at two slightly different price points on the current market; the TimTam and the Theragun.

But first, let’s take a moment to look into what a percussion massage gun is and what benefits it can bring to your aches and pains. And at the end, I’ll offer my personal recommendation when it comes to the subject of personal percussion massage guns in general and whether or not they are a smart buy.

What Is A Massage Gun And What Is It For?

Percussion massage guns are a personal device that utilizes percussive striking force to massage away tension and inflammation in the muscles. They are becoming more and more widely used by athletes and the workout obsessed to deal with the tightness, inflammation, and soreness that can come all too often after strenuous activity. Providing near-instant relief to the muscles they are used on.

Personal massage technology has made advancements to allow the same sort of massaging power to be taken along with you in a portable, battery-operated device, instead of being bound to a power outlet by a cord to be able to get some much-needed relief. 

Some percussion massagers can even fit into a pocket and be used anywhere you want to take them along. Meaning that you no longer have to endure the sore muscles until you get back home to your plugin massage device.

Percussion massage is a technique that reaches deep into the massaged tissue to relieve the swelling and built-up acids in them that cause the soreness that you feel. Also enabling the muscles to recuperate in a much quicker time frame.

The TimTam

The first of the two we’re going to look at is the TimTam power massager.

It has become a highly popular option for many, mainly due to its slightly lower price point. There are several different models that vary between 200-500 dollars, depending on the model and the supplier you order it from.

The TimTam features vary between the different models, but some come equipped with heated heads, interchangeable massage tips, and even a swiveling head model to reach odd places at the higher price range. The base model features a single head and a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, with an estimated 40 minute usage time before having to recharge.

Coming in at 2.2 pounds, it is fairly easily taken along to the gym or tucked away in a bag for a long hike. But, you may want to bring extra batteries if you plan to use it too much before recharging again. Either that or some sort of battery bank device to recharge between uses.

The Theragun

The Theragun is a more widely known and used percussion massage gun. They can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, and range between $199 to $599, giving them a wider range of prices for your consideration. The base model is known as the Theragun Mini, and it boasts an impressive 150-minute use on the rechargeable battery before needing a recharge.

HIgher-end variants, like their top of the line model, the Theragun Pro (coming in at the $599 price range) features a swivel head with app connectivity to control the speed and settings of the massager, along with an OLED display screen to show the current force readings and settings and carries two batteries giving it a 300 minute expected run time before charging. 

With multiple settings and interchangeable massage tips, this model can cover a wide range of uses.

The Theragun comes standard with what they call a QX150 Quiet Force motor, ensuring that it won’t create unnecessary amounts of noise while providing the relief you need. It is a massage gun geared more towards the serious workout aficionados who need to be able to have more control in the type of massage they use on any given muscle group.

So, Which One Is Better?

That is a question whose answer depends on several different things and will be different from one person to the next. However, if the slight difference in price isn’t too much of an obstacle, I recommend picking up the Theragun. 

With its longer battery life alone being more than triple that of the TimTam, you are way more likely to be able to get the relief you need in one use without having to stop and recharge batteries halfway through.

Also, you want to ensure that the massage gun you use is made of the best quality materials and specs available to your individual budget. Sure, there are many cheaper options on the market, but you have to be wary of devices that will simply not stand up to repeated use and recharging of the battery. Otherwise, you could quickly end up with what amounts to a funky looking paperweight.

The Final Recommendation

Due to the benefits of percussion massage gun technology, the one thing that we can easily recommend is that you give it a try. Whether you get a lower cost gun or a nicer model like the Theragun, you can be sure that you will find some form of relief from the soreness. 

Is it guaranteed to remove all the soreness? No. But, the majority can be taken away by simply taking a few minutes to use one of these personal massaging devices, and decrease the amount of time it will take for the muscles to feel normal again.

What have you got to lose besides added, unnecessary muscle tightness, and unwarranted pain? Just because they say “No pain, no gain” doesn’t necessarily mean you have to suffer for the fitness you desire for yourself. In a world filled with empty promises from products, percussion massage guns deliver on what they claim by providing the desired relief their users enjoy after working their muscles.

So, if you ever find yourself rubbing your leg or arm wishing you could ease the tension and soreness, you should probably invest in some form of portable massage gun. What style and type will depend on how you plan on using it and what goal you want it to achieve. 

Whichever you choose, be sure to do some research beforehand. This can be an investment into your own personal wellbeing, so it is one you do not want to take in any way lightly.