As a massage gun enthusiast, I feel as though there’s a strong need for a review of the best products available. Massage guns are unique, powerful devices that can aid in one’s recovery and overall physical fitness. Recently, the public has had a growing interest in such devices. At the same time, there’s been a growing interest in self-care and physical health. This trend is no surprise, of course.

Massage guns are key tools in self-care for several reasons. They help people with pain management, muscle soreness, tightness, stiffness, and even flexibility. While all these benefits from a massage gun seem unbelievable, the secret lies in vibration therapy. This therapeutic technique helps stimulate blood flow to muscles which helps bring all those attractive benefits.  

Now, to get to the real crux of the matter, I’ve tested, tried, reviewed, and researched countless massage guns to find the best recovery tools on the market. If you want a little insight into my criteria for the best massage guns, check out this post! Without further ado, the following products are the best recovery tools you can buy.  

Theragun Pro

The Theragun PRO is an elite massage gun with professional-grade technology and power. That means therapists, masseuses, and similar professions would greatly benefit from one of these. However, that isn’t to say that only professionals can use them! This device is perfect for anybody who wants a high-quality massage device.

Concerning massaging power, no competitor can compete with the Theragun PRO. It provides up to 60 pounds of force while oscillating 40 times per second. At the same time, this massage gun is as quiet as a standard massage device meaning nobody will be annoyed by the sound of you reaping unparalleled benefits right in front of them.

What’s more, the Theragun PRO offers four angles that the head/arm can rotate and lock into. It comes with six attachments for several use cases, which you can read more about here. Plus, the PRO has a five-hour battery life, and you get two batteries when you purchase the gun. Essentially, you can get 10 hours of use before you need to charge the batteries.  

Another strong selling point that I personally love is the ergonomic design. When you use the Theragun PRO you’re gifted three different grips allowing you to use the massage gun virtually anywhere on your body.

The Theragun PRO comes in at $599. If that’s out of your price range, do not worry—there may be another Theragun product for you!recovery

Theragun Prime

The Theragun Prime is like the little brother to the PRO—it’s aspiring to be the same, but it just doesn’t reach the same standards. That’s not to knock the Prime, though. It’s still a phenomenal device, which is why I’ve listed it second here. The Theragun Prime costs $299 on the company’s website making it much more affordable.

This massage gun offers similar features to the PRO such as the same ergonomic design, and customizability. The Prime comes with 4 closed-cell foam attachments for ample muscle stimulation. However, the Theragun Prime uses a non-adjustable arm. It is fixed in one position, meaning you’ll have to position the gun at the correct angle to get what you want out of it.

The Theragun Prime does offer a similarly powerful engine with QuietForce Technology, which ensures the sound is minimized. The massage gun also has a competitive battery life of two hours. The engine uses a special drivetrain to handle extra force without having to reduce the speed of the head. The speed still stands at 40 oscillations per second.

Additionally, the Theragun Prime is designed to dig into muscle 60% deeper than most competitors. The standard amplitude is 16mm, meaning with the Prime, you can get deep into your muscles to loosen them up and improve blood flow.

All in all, the Theragun Prime is an excellent choice for anyone who wants similar vibration therapy benefits without paying the price of the Theragun PRO.

Kraftgun Force

The Kraftgun Force is another leading massage gun proven to aid in recovery. Like all other massage guns, it provides a deep tissue massage through rapid pulses of force. What I like about the Kraftgun Force is that it provides a strong force, between 66 and 80 pounds, while still having a solid battery life of roughly 3.5 hours.

Furthermore, the Kraftgun Force is lightweight and durable. It weighs only 2.2 pounds, it’s compact, and it’s easy to carry around. It is also another relatively quiet massage gun at only 65dB. Regarding attachments, you purchase the Kraftgun Force, you get three unique heads for different uses.

However, one of the flaws I found was that it only provides three speeds to choose from, and sometimes I’ve found I can’t get the settings quite right. Depending on the area of use, and the degree of soreness, there can be a lot of discrepancy between what I feel my muscles need and what I can get. What’s more, the arm is fixed, so the angles of use are slightly limited.

In summary, the Kraftgun Force is a solid massage gun, but at its price, $489, you’re much better off going with the Theragun Pro.

Hyperice Hypervolt

If you’ve peaked around our website before, you may have seen a previous post about the Hyperice Hypervolt. It’s featured again here for good reason, it’s a solid massage gun to choose from. While it’s no secret that it’s not my favorite massage gun on the market, it’s still a popular choice for several users.

The Hyperice Hypervolt looks nice, feels good, and is lightweight at 2.5 pounds. Plus, the Hypervolt has a solid battery life at three hours of use time before it needs a charge. It’s a straightforward device, regarding its use, and its noise level is right on par with many of the other massage devices listed here.

Although the Hypervolt does have many positive features, its power is a bit lacking. It also uses an arm that is locked in place. Furthermore, the Hypervolt also only has one grip, which limits the angles of use even more.

While the Hypervolt comes with 5 different head options, I don’t believe that negates the limited angles and power, unfortunately. Overall, the Hyperice Hypervolt is a good massage gun that provides similar benefits to all the other devices here. It just doesn’t meet my power or variability needs. And at $349, I think the options listed above would be better buys.  

VYBE Pro Percussion Massage Gun

The VYBE Pro Percussion Massage Gun is a great entry-level device for anyone who wants to see what vibration therapy is all about. The gun costs $197.99 which is the most affordable product on this list. However, the price tag does come with some caveats. You know, you pay for what you get!

The VYBE Pro provides a max of 30 pounds of pressure at an amplitude of 12mm. It can also be programmed to deliver 20 pounds of pressure at an amplitude of 10mm. What’s more, the device has a total of nine intensity levels it can rotate between and three-hour battery life.

Furthermore, the VYBE Pro has 8 massage heads to choose between. Five of them are silicone heads, and the other three are metal heads. Although, I’m not sure when I would use a metal head, it’s nice to have the option.

The main gripes I have with the VYBE Pro are the power, the speed, and the design. It weighs 5 pounds, but it doesn’t feel as durable as some of the other products I’ve tested. Plus, the head is fixed, and there’s only one grip.   

TimTam All New Power Massager

The last product on the list is another massage gun which we’ve talked about before, the TimTam All New Power Massager. This device is another good choice for someone simply interested in seeing what vibration therapy is—not someone who wants a powerful, therapeutic device.

The positives about the TimTam are that it’s affordable, at $199 with a current special offer, lightweight at 2.2 pounds, quiet, and it has interchangeable heads. However, the device has a poor battery life, 40 minutes, a fixed arm, and isn’t as powerful as I would like.

Overall, it’s an okay option. It’s not great, but it’s not bad either.  

The Bottom Line

If you’re interested in finding a tool to assist with your muscle soreness and physical recovery, you can’t go wrong with any of the above devices. I have found virtually all massage guns to offer some benefit, thanks to vibration. 

However, I firmly believe if you’re going to spend money on one of these, you should be confident in your purchase. With that, the best recovery tool on the market, in my humble opinion, is the Theragun Pro. It offers the best customizable features, battery life, power, and speed.