In the world of massage guns, no brand has quite as much claim to fame as that of Theragun. This company and their revolutionary take on the massage gun has changed the way we look at massage treatments forever. 

However, their new lineup leaves people often wondering which device would be best for their needs. To help you out, we want to look at who Theragun is and who their products at for. We will then look at their current product range to see which massage gun would be best for your needs. 

Who is Theragun?

Even with their somewhat new entry into the health and fitness market, nearly everyone knows who Theragun is. They created to first percussive massage gun that uses a very fast and localized treatment for helping to relieve muscle tension and soreness.

Their unique design and high quality make them a brand that has lots of potential to grow. In fact, they even realize their own potential and have since rebranded into Therabody. This new approach has seen them branch into the greater wellness space to help their massage gun sales increase. 

For now, we will still consider them as Theragun as that is how most people know them. 

Who Are They For?


For the most part, massage therapy and it’s associated research has been centered around athletes and their needs. Companies like Theragun have been trying t0o find a way to speed up recovery and get players back in shape so that they can perform and help their teams win.

What has been seen is that massage therapy benefits athletes in their recovery efforts in a wide array of ways. For this reason, nearly every professional and minor league athlete has probably experienced a Theragun in their recovery routine as they are widely praised among athletes and recovery professionals. 

Fitness Enthusiasts

If you are not performing at the highest level of competition in sports, there is still a good chance the Theragun would benefit you. If you enjoy going to the gym, getting cardio in, or even do CrossFit training, utilizing a Theragun will change the way you look at soreness and recovery. 

Even your average Joe at the gym will feel aches and pains as the body naturally recovers after an intense workout. This is where massage therapy comes in to help release tension and fluids in the muscles so they can recover more effectively. 


Sitting at your desk every day looking at a computer screen may not seem that stressing on your body, but bad posture and bodily tension can cause you future discomfort. For business professionals and those who spend long hours sitting down. Utilizing a massage gun can help with those aches and pain you feel after a long day at the office. 

If you are on your feet all day for work, your legs are probably feeling pretty beat up after a day’s work. Hitting your major muscle groups with a few minutes of a massage gun treatment can get rid of hours of tension and discomfort. 


No matter who you are, there is a very good chance you would benefit from using a massage gun. When life gets stressful and your body gets tense, you can use a massage gun to help the muscles relax and bring you to a better state of rest. 

Your body needs all the help it can get with recovering from everyday life, and a great massage gun is going to be your best friend in doing that. However, the Theragun lineup often leaves people with more questions than answers when they first look for help. 

Because of this, we want to break down their newest lineup to see who should look at each model. 

Theragun Lineup: Which One is Right for You?


Starting at the bottom of the lineup, we have the Theragun Mini. This small yet mighty tool will fit in your bag and pocket to give you relief wherever and whenever you need it. For many people who don’t need much intense treatment and recovery assistant, the Mini is a great way to experience what Theragun offers without investing more into a product. 

The QuietForce Motor, a 150-minute battery life, and three power settings make this unit almost more capable than some of Theragun’s previous models. The compact size and comfortable grip of this device makes it a favorite for those who need some muscle relaxation after their workouts or even at the office. The new motor design gives you the power to recover effectively without the noise bothering any of your office mates. 


As we move to the Theragun Prime, we see that iconic brand shape and design start to take form. What this device was designed to do was to provide you with the complete Theragun experience in the most cost-effective and simplified package. For those who want the power and performance of a full-sized Theragun without the more advanced features, the Prime could be perfect for you. 

You get new additions over the Mini including five-speed options, a connected app for more data, and four unique heads included in the box. These new 4th generation heads are interchangeable with all other new Theragun products and give you a multitude of different massage feelings. 

This unit is perfect for the person who might have a little more tension but is still hesitant to get overwhelmed with features. 


As the name suggests, the Theragun Elite builds off the Prime and offers some more features and goodies to work with. The added power and more advanced features make this unit great for those who like to hit the gym and get active pretty often. For someone who feels the burn after every workout session, the Elite will be your new best friend next to your post-workout protein shake. 

The Elite gets a premium OLED screen with a force meter, five attachments, and the same great features as the prime. The step-up in information given to the user means that those who love data and seeing improvements would like to track how they are treating their body with this massage gun. Get relief quieter than ever before with the crowd-pleasing Theragun Elite. 


As you could probably guess, the Theragun PRO is the ultimate percussion massage gun experience. While it may get confused with the Elite upon a first glance, it won’t take you long to see why professional recovery experts are using this device on their top athletes. 

Everything that we love about Theragun has been refined and improved upon with this flagship model.

You now get an adjustable head angle, more power, more attachments, and even two rechargeable batteries for longer running times. When it comes to being a quality massage gun, the PRO ticks all the boxes you could expect it to. 

For this reason, most professionals and athletes reach for this massage gun when they feel sore and need relief. 

Getting the Most out of Theragun

Get the Right Massage Gun

Now that you see what Theragun offers, now you need to pick the right option for you and your needs. Each gun is unique in that it was designed with a completely different customer in mind. 

We hope that some of the features on a particular model stood out as you start to consider which model would best suit your needs. 

Utilize the Technology an App Support

With their latest lineup, Theragun has added Bluetooth connectivity to all their massage guns except the Mini. This new support allows you to connect to your phone to get more valuable information about your treatment. This means you can get detailed reports of your usage as well as learn some helpful tips. 

Look at Their Complementary Accessories and Tools

The last way to really get the most out of Theragun is to look at their entire product lineup. For example, they offer a great foam roller to help improve your workout regimen. This surprisingly effective massage tool can help hit larger areas than the massage gun for more time-sensitive treatments. 

Another great thing you can look into is their single attachments for sale. If you want to buy a model like the Prime and still want the six attachments that come with the PRO, you can buy the two attachments you don’t get standard right from Theragun. 

This means you get the massage gun you want and the attachments you need without having to upgrade the entire system. 


As we have seen, Theragun has created this new line up to help a wide array of customers get the relief they need. From the athlete in the gym every day of the week to the hard businessman working a long shift, the Theragun system can help them both equally. Each option has something that makes it unique, so find the one that speaks to you the most. 


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