There are all kinds of options on the market, including low-quality massagers trying to copy the bigger name brands. Here’s what you should look for to identify a great percussion massage gun to ensure your investment is worthwhile:

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Long Battery Life

Battery matters when it comes to percussion massage guns, because they’re cordless. An effective massage depends on a strong, long-lasting battery that can power the motor and sustain operation as long as you need for a massage session. Look for guns that come with 2 batteries, so you don’t have to depend on one.

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Speed and Power

Speed and power dictate the intensity of massage a percussion gun offers, so it’s important to have a motor with higher wattage and more torque.


Percussion massage guns that give you more options, including different speed settings, rotational angles and attachment heads, can give you more value. That’s because they reach and target more areas of your body, as you can customize the intensity and size of the percussion head to meet the demands of different muscles.

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Noise Level

The noise level of a massage tool is a make-or-break for some. If it bothers you or others in your home to use a massager on your body that’s as loud as a power tool or blender, look for one that’s designed to be quiet.

However, quieter percussion massage guns do tend to be more expensive, so it’s a trade-off. While each massage gun on this list has its pros and cons, the Theragun G3 (and the G3 Pro) stands out as the best of the best.

Its quality, durability, low noise level and many customization options make it a great investment. While there are cheaper options, they come at the price of quality and they’re hard on your ears.

With the Theragun, you should get great use out of it for years to come without encountering problems. With the outstanding effectiveness it provides, it’s not surprising many professional massage therapists and fitness trainers rely on the Theragun to help their clients.

If the Theragun is well out of your price range and you are willing to accept a lot of noise, then the VYBE massage gun by Exerscribe seems to be a popular option.

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