Most of my posts up until now have been comparisons between two products or information about a specific massage fun feature (ie. the massage gun head). However, today I want to dedicate a single post to the BC Electric Chiropractic Adjusting Tool. The reason that I feel that this tool deserves its own posts is equal parts admiration and fear. Admiration because I know, from personal experience, that this tool can work wonders. Fear because when in the wrong hands, this tool can do some serious damage. So, disclaimer, do NOT use this tool if you are not a trained chiropractor. Chiropractors undergo serious schooling and training to ensure they understand the human body and which parts are safe to be manipulated. The BC Electric Chiropractic tool is specifically designed to manipulate the human spine. There are a couple of attachable heads onto this unglamorous-looking corded massage gun that hug the spine. Add the percussive pulses and the tool will force your spine back into position. 

I realize that my writing of this post sounds somewhat violent. Well, that is because this tool is violent! Sometimes that’s just the thing that you need. And, if you’ve ever experienced back pain, you’ll know that that’s the case. However, if you use this tool properly you may do yourself damage. 

I feel no need to further elaborate on this tool because, well, if you’re a trained chiropractor you’ll know about it and know how to use it. And if you’re not a trained chiropractor, you should NOT even think about venturing towards this tool. To be clear, I bothered to write this post because the BC Electric tool appears on amazon searches and light research or massage tools. Given this, I want people to be fully aware of what they’re dealing with. Please and thank you for heeding my advice!