Thank you, everyone, for all the feedback and support over the past couple of days! I’m so excited to be sharing my massage gun expertise and I’m thrilled that you are all eager to learn! In my last post, I promised to jump into the nitty gritty of the different massage guns out there and which I prefer in my own practice. So, over the course of the next couple of weeks, i’ll be releasing side-by-side product comparisons of some of the industry favorites so that you have all the necessary information to make an informed purchase decision. 

We’ll be kicking things off with two of the “best in the biz”: Theragun G3 Pro vs the Hyperice Hypvervolt. Now, it’s worth noting that both of these massage guns do a terrific job and you’ll likely be happy with your purchase, whichever way you go, but I have some clear preferences and, after I walk through the specs, I think you’ll see why 🙂 

Adjustable Arm:

The first thing that I look for when I pick up a massage gun for the first time is whether the massage arm is adjustable. In my experience, especially when you’re massaging yourself rather than having a therapist do it for you, an adjustable arm is absolutely critical. Sometimes that difference between hitting and missing those hard to reach places is a slight change in the angle of the gun arm. Simply put, the Theragun G3 Pro has an adjustable arm with 4 optimized arm angles while the Hyperice Hypervolt’s arm is stuck in a fixed position. Like I said, if you’re having a massage therapist operate the massage gun for you, this is not as important. However, the main benefit of having a massage gun is that you can work on yourself, in which case, an adjustable arm is absolutely critical. 

Battery Life:

Another critical factor when evaluating a massage gun is its battery life. In order to properly assess which battery life is right for you, you must think about the situations in which you plan on using the gun. For example, do you travel often and plan to bring it on the road? Are you a part of a team and will bring it to practice where others can use it to? Will you keep it at home where it’s never too far from the charging cable? The reason I pose these questions is because the Theragun G3 Pro and Hyperice Hypervolt have significantly different battery lives, with the Theragun G3 Pro coming in at 75 mins per battery (it comes with two batteries) and the Hypervolt at around 3 hours. While this difference may seem extreme, it’s important to remember the aforementioned and how long your massage sessions will likely last. In my experience, a typical session lasts around 15 minutes (believe me, you’ll be plenty lose by then). With this in mind, the battery life on both guns is ample for multiple uses in between charges. In my opinion, the Hyperice Hypervolt battery life is a bit overkill and is only necessary if you’re a massage therapist or trainer who will be out at sporting events providing support for multiple hours or a full day.


Even my muscle-y friend had issues stopping the Theragun G3Pro.

This is the whole crux of the matter, frankly. The reason that we’re using these guns is to get a great massage and allow our bodies to recover and rebuild for peak performance. There’s nothing that irks me more than a weak massage gun. It’s a waste of time! If I wanted a weak massage, I would use my hands, not an advanced technological apparatus! Both the G3 Pro and the Hypervolt have 3 speeds. The difference, however, is that the third, strongest Hypervolt speed is far weaker than even the first G3 Pro speed. When firmly applying the Hypervolt to an area on my body, the resistance causes the massage gun to slow down to the point of being ineffective. The G3 Pro, on the other hand, stays strong and percussive, even when I push hard against my body. So, to be clear, the G3 Pro is the clear winner along the power category.


A lot of massage gun experts love to talk about noise. People say that noise is the most important factor for them, but I take a different stand. More often than not, the quieter guns are also weaker, rendering them less effective. I would much rather use a louder, stronger gun that provides me with a good massage than a quieter, ineffective tool. This is the case with the G3 Pro and the Hypervolt. While the Hypervolt is a bit quieter, the strength of the motor is hardly effective. The G3 Pro on the other hand, is only a couple of decibels louder but has far more power, making it the better choice. 

That wraps up my review of the Theragun G3 Pro and the Hyperice Hypervolt. I really enjoyed trialing and reviewing these two products and hope that my discussion was helpful for you in your evaluation of the right massage gun for your purposes. After using the Theragun G3 Pro for a little over two weeks, I am a firm believer that it is the best tool for the job as it provides the power, speed, and adjustability that I need to administer a great massage. See you all soon!