You don’t have to be this guy to justify a massage gun!

Welcome back to Massage Gun experts! Today we’re going to explore who can benefit from massage guns and why. Without further adieu, we’ll dive right in! If you read no further, here’s the brief conclusion: Massage guns are right for anyone with a muscular system. If you have a body, you should have a massage gun. 

A lot of people ask me, “do I have to be an elite athlete to justify spending a couple hundred dollars on a massage gun??” My answer is always of course not! While it’s important for athletes to ensure that their muscles are supple and well massaged, this isn’t exclusive to this small percentage of the population. Each of us go about our daily lives incurring a certain amount of physical and emotional stress, which often manifests in tension and tightness around our bodies. Working in an office and spending hours in front of the computer often results in tightness of the neck and shoulders. Working as a chef in the kitchen and spending hours on your feet can cause tightness in the lower back. Taking care of children, cleaning up after them, moving them in and out of the car is hard on your body all over! 

In addition to the muscular strain of our daily lives, emotional stress and anxiety often manifests in physical tightness. Have you noticed your shoulders and back tense up when you’re working through a challenging period of your life? Maybe you carry stress in your face by furrowing your brow. All of these responses are intrinsically tied to our muscles and alleviating the pressure that builds up around our body can provide significant relief, both physical and emotional. 

So, with that, I pose the question: do you often experience discomfort in the form of aches and pains? Do these pains inhibit you from living the life that you want? Have you tried visiting a traditional massage therapist? Did that provide you relief? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I would posit that you would benefit significantly from purchasing a massage gun.  These simple, convenient handheld devices are truly revolutionary and have the capacity to change your life, allowing you to live with less pain, less stress, and more muscular mobility. 

Stayed tuned as we’ll post specific recommendations for massage guns and comparisons of the leading brands/products across the market.